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Monodraw v1.6: Public Test

by Milen

Monodraw v1.6 is now available for public testing. It features a visual refresh and the ability to simultaneously edit multiple shapes of the same type.

Grab it and if you find any bugs, please do get in touch!

Visual Refresh

The talented @amahony has taken the chance to refresh the visuals of Monodraw, including the app icon, document icon and welcome window. When running in Dark Mode, Monodraw dynamically adjusts its icon (there's a setting to control this behaviour in the Preferences).

Editing Multiple Shapes (Multi-select)

Monodraw now has the ability to simultaneously edit multiple shapes of the same type. This makes it easy to enforce consistent styling across different shapes.

macOS 11 Big Sur

The minimum OS requirement has been raised to macOS 11 Big Sur. Given the limited development effort that I can spend on Monodraw, I have prioritised spending time on meaningful improvements to the app.

If you're on an earlier version of macOS, Monodraw v1.5 will still continue to work.

Release Plan

Monodraw v1.6 is now released as a public test and not yet pushed as an OTA or to the Mac App Store. Once we have good confidence that no regressions have been introduced, the update will be pushed to our direct customers and Mac App Store users.

Mac App Store

If you have bought Monodraw from the Mac App Store and want to use Monodraw v1.6 right now, you can still download it and use it during the trial period. If you have previously tested Monodraw and your trial period has expired, contact us and we can help out.

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