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Monodraw v1.5: Apple Silicon

by Milen

Monodraw v1.5 now supports Apple Silicon!

Apple Silicon (Apple M1)

We're ready for the transition and Monodraw v1.5 now fully supports Apple Silicon.

Serial Key Retrieval

Sometimes it's hard to find the original email which contained the serial key for Monodraw. We have added ability to see the currently registered key, so that you can use it on your new Mac.

Monodraw does not use activation or any form of DRM, so there are no additional transfer steps.

Bug Fixes

macOS 11 Big Sur: Visual Update

We're working on a small visual update for macOS 11 Big Sur but we haven't finished yet. We hope to ship it sometime in 2021.


Monodraw v1.5 is now available from our website or by checking for updates from within the app (Monodraw → Check for Updates...). The Mac App Store version has also been updated.

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