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Monodraw: Final Progress Update

by Milen

I'm very excited to announce that work on the beta of Monodraw has now completed and the app will be launching very soon! The last few weeks have been extremely hectic while trying to finish off all the remaining bits and I finally feel we are at a stage where the app is ready for the wider public.

We are in the process of getting ready for the launch, updating the website, preparing our online store and tying up all the lose ends. We want the beta to be available to everyone by the middle of March at the latest, hopefully sooner. Due to the tremendously positive reception, we have decided to open up the beta to everyone rather than use a staggered approach.

If you are a member of the press and would like to review Monodraw, please get in touch.

The app will be completely free to use without any restrictions throughout the beta period. We will also be offering a huge discount if you purchase before the beta ends. More details will be available in our launch post.

There have been quite a few major changes over the past few weeks – let's take a look.


Monodraw now includes built-in support for FIGlet fonts. We have bundled a whopping 148 of them and you can use custom ones, too. You can pick any font you like, resize the container or modify the text – everything will update interactively and there is no need to fiddle in a terminal.

Overlapping Lines

Imagine a vertical line appearing on top of a horizontal line. You would expect to see a cross at the intersection point. Up until now, we would simply layer each shape and you would see a vertical line at the intersection point. But software should be doing things for you and saving you time – with the new renderer in Monodraw, overlapping parts from rectangles and lines would appear exactly as you would expect. The difference is significant!

New Tools

We have included two new tools that will make it easier to use Monodraw for ASCII art:

A common use case when drawing rectangles is to have shadows. I'm happy to report that this is now a single click away and it's fully customisable (character and offset).

The full list of changes since the last update is shown below, in no particular order. I hope you will enjoy using Monodraw when it gets released in the next few weeks!

New Features


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