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Monodraw Beta: Now Available

by Milen

The wait is finally over – Monodraw is now available! It has been five months since our announcement and the app has greatly improved in that time – we truly hope you enjoy using it.

During the beta period, you will be able to use Monodraw for free without any restrictions at all. The beta program will end once we are confident enough that Monodraw has all the features to be a professional tool. When we have a better idea about time frames, we will provide an advance notice on our blog, via @Monodraw and email.

We are also offering a huge 40% discount for those who choose to purchase before the final version ships. The regular price of Monodraw will be $49.99 and you can get it right now for only $29.99. The app is sustainably priced and it depends on your patronage.

We have some great features and improvements planned for the next few months which I cannot wait to share with you. Launching the beta is only the beginning of a much longer journey. If you work with ASCII art and Monodraw does not fulfill your requirements, please let us know – we want to make sure you can get your job done with ease.

Naturally, there have been some changes since the announcement. Most importantly, we added a significant amount of features – many of them were actually scheduled to be part of v1. The more we tested and used the app internally, the more we felt it was too limited, so we had no choice but to delay the launch. I also spotted several major flaws in the way Monodraw worked which had to be rectified – some of them turned out to be quite time intensive but always worth the effort.

I was extremely surprised at the positive reception the app received and that made me change the way the beta program would work. Initially, I wanted to use a staggered approach where we would slowly roll out the app to the public but given the feedback we received, I have decided to make Monodraw available to everyone from day one.

Finally, I also decided to drop one of the features we previously announced so that we can focus on what's really important. The feature question is the ability to automatically edge-trace any font on your Mac. I actually have the feature already implemented in a separate project which I used for prototyping. But it doesn't quite fit in Monodraw right now – if there is enough demand for it, I will definitely dig up the code and come up with a solution.

If you have any questions, have ideas or want to provide feedback, get in touch.

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