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ASCII Entity Relationship Diagrams

by Milen

Entity relationship diagrams are an indispensable tool used to visualise ER data models. I have added two new features to Monodraw which now make it possible to create such diagrams with just a few clicks.

Two missing features were necessary to be able to draw ER diagrams: a diamond shape and ER line terminals (many-to-many, one-to-many, etc). Now that both of these have been implemented, making these diagrams is a breeze – check out the screencast below!

Cardinality Notations

There are many different notations available and Monodraw supports the most commonly used one, namely Crow's foot. As we can only approximate them in text art, I have included three different variations - orthogonal, diagonal and hat, shown below.

Cardinality notations in Unicode mode.
Cardinality notations in ASCII mode.

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